DPW Gunsmith LLC. is a no-nonsense solution for firearms owners that is intuitive, fast and secure. We are here to inform, empower and equip American gun owners and local gun stores. We value you, your time and your investment in the shooting sports, personal protection, and expressing your rights as an American citizen.


We think it's important that you know what we stand for and why DPW Gunsmith LLC. is a different kind of online company. We have a long history of supporting gun ownership in America, and believe that what we have built will support these values that we hold in great importance:


Keep Things Local and online. We exist to support your local firearms community. DPW Gunsmith LLC is not here to put the local gun store out of business. In fact, our business is specifically setup to sell their firearms and help with product service’s. We don't want to ship you a gun from a warehouse across the country if you can buy the same gun already located in a shop in your community. The local gun stores, ranges, and clubs are what make your shooting community rich, safe, secure, and enjoyable. DPW Gunsmith LLC. is here to embrace you and your local firearms businesses and associations.


Be Clear. At DPW Gunsmith LLC. we value technology. But technology is only good when it helps makes things easier...not more confusing. DPW Gunsmith LLC. has invested in technology with the customer in mind. Whether it's a better display of product information, assisting you in the post purchase paperwork, helping you understand the legal process, keeping prices low, or letting you know exactly where your orders is at any time, DPW Gunsmith will continue to build our operation around technology to make your life easier as a consumer.


Provide Value. DPW Gunsmith LLC. is more efficient, which helps us keep our prices fair. But Firearm Product service is about more than saving money. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service and helping you throughout the entire post purchase process to make sure the receipt of your gun goes quickly and smoothly. Other online sites leave you to figure it out and handle it all on your own. As DPW Gunsmith LLC. expands we will continue to provide you more and more options of new Products and Service with prices to fit every budget.


Ensure Peace of Mind. Unlike other online sites, DPW Gunsmith LLC. won’t leave you hanging if you have an issue and need to issue fix on your firearm product service.

Don't Forget The People. Ultimately, we believe gun ownership is about the people. Whether it's a day at the range with close friends, protecting your family, or bagging a nice deer for your next cookout, we know our customers are honest, hard working Americans. DPW Gunsmith LLC. was founded on reporting on the firearms industry and telling the stories of the people who make, sell, and own guns. DPW Gunsmith LLC. will always cover product and industry news, Second Amendment issues, gun and gear reviews, politics, and entertainment. We produce a wide range of original articles, videos and editorials that focus on fair journalism, quality content and, above all else, accuracy and authority.


We are striving to create a culture that our customers and employees can be proud of. This is more than a business, and you deserve more from your online buying experience. We will never stop trying to get better, and if there is ever anything you think we can improve on, please let us know – we’re always listening.


Be Responsible. Gun ownership is a responsibility we take seriously. We are committed to providing a service that consumers can trust. DPW Gunsmith LLC. is licensed and monitored by the ATF to insure it operates with the best practices of the industry. We do not allow private party sales to take place on DPW Gunsmith LLC.; any gun bought or service on DPW Gunsmith will be delivered to the customer by means of a federally licensed gun dealer.


The local gun dealer then delivers the firearm ensures that every customer who purchases a firearm on DPW Gunsmith LLC. must go through a NICS background check administered by the FBI. The delivering dealer will also insure that each buyer is of proper legal age.


We are also committed to being a responsible seller of guns. And any new firearm sold on DPW Gunsmith LLC. or used firearm that passes through DPW Gunsmith LLC. ’s warehouse has a firearms lock that accompanies it in accordance with the Child Safety Lock Act of 2005.


All firearms sold and Service on DPW Gunsmith LLC. are monitored in adherence with the parameters of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives National Tracing Center. In support of law enforcement efforts, we follow all federal traceability guidelines, and participate in local crime database and quarantine procedures.



When you buy or have product service from DPW Gunsmith LLC., you can be assured that the gun you buy or service gets to you quickly, safely, and is exactly what you bought. We stand behind every purchase made on our site.